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Complete closure list for Game/Gamestation stores

Game group have closed 277 stores across the UK and Ireland since yesterday. Below is a full list of all the Game and Gamestation stores that have been closed. Both my stores at Luton have closed, i saw gamestation close a few weeks back but now game has gone as well. Ill be honest though ive always used CEX and online shopping but its still a sad loss for all of the now jobless staff. Good luck to all of them in finding a new job.


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Welcome to the vault!

Welcome to the vault,

our aim is to post game news on the latest and upcoming games and get involved in the comments with our followers. A lot of news sites post the news and thats it, the staff never bother interacting with the readers. We aim to change that and we will always be getting involved in what you think. We will also post news YOU give to us and you will be credited by name and we will link to a profile on a website or facebook ect if you so wish.


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